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Full HD EO/IR Laser Targeting System

TacFLIR® 380-HLD

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The TacFLIR® 380-HLD combines laser target designation with digital, high-definition EO-IR imaging for land vehicle applications. As a targeting system, TacFLIR 380-HLD is unmatched in its ability to optimize performance of precision-guided munitions from land vehicle environments. Payload includes a MWIR camera with a native 1280x720 resolution, HD CCD cameras, SWIR camera, and high powered laser designator (LD).

  • Single LRU System

    The only all-digital, HD system in a single LRU for ease of installation and integration. Reliably operates in long-term, remote missions sets without the need for external cooling.

  • Up to 7 Simultaneous Payloads

    Options include 1280x720 MWIR resolution, HD CCD camera, HD SWIR, laser range finder, illuminator and laser pointer.

  • Long-Range Capability

    High-magnification optics and HD cameras allow operators to observe from a safe standoff distance without being detected or compromising situational awareness.

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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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TacFLIR® 380-HLD