Dual-Vision Sensor for Intersection Control and Safety

TrafiSense2 Dual

Model: TrafiSense Dual 625
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FLIR TrafiSense2 Dual combines best-in-class thermal and visual imaging technology with advanced video analytics to provide vehicle and bicycle presence detection at signalized intersections, day and night. Thermal imaging lets traffic operators see in total darkness and inclement weather. The daylight camera offers additional visual verification for such incidents as wrong-way drivers and animal crossings. In addition, FLIR's analytics capture accurate traffic data, making FLIR TrafiSense2 Dual ideal for real-time traffic management in urban environments.

  • Dual thermal / visible-light detection

    FLIR TrafiSense2 Dual offers 24/7 imaging performance, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Real-time signal control

    Provides vehicle and bicycle presence detection and data collection.

  • Enhanced safety

    Detects hazards, such as wrong-way drivers or animals crossing roadway.

Dual Vision

Dual Vision

The TrafiSense2 Dual outperforms other traffic sensors by detecting the heat energy given off by objects. It doesn’t get confused by sun glare, darkness, vehicle headlights, dynamic shadows or wet streets. The full HD daylight/lowlight camera offers additional visual detail and verification so traffic operators can provide real-time traffic control, day or night.

H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG (dual stream)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
To connect to FLIR PoE Interface for communications of output state events, for providing 2 outputs (1N/O, 1N/C), for configuration, and for monitoring (streaming thermal and/or visual video)
Detection Functionalities
Vehicle/bike/pedestrian presence & counting, traffic data, wrong way driver, wildlife
Dimensions (excl. mounting bracket)
22cm x 17.5cm x 8cm (8.65in x 6.89in x 3.15in)
Frame Rate
Thermal: 30 FPS; Visible: 25 FPS
Thermal: VGA
Visible: HD (720p)
Connections & Communications
Broadband over Power Line (BPL)
To connect to TI BPL2 EDGE interface for communications of output state events, for configuration, and for monitoring (streaming thermal and/or visual video)
To connect to laptop/tablet/smartphone for configuration
Electrical & Mechanical
Contact Closures
When connected as PoE: 2 direct, or 2 via FLIR PoE ETH interface (PN 10-7320), When connected as BPL: 4 for TI BPL2 EDGE interface (PN 10-7013), 20 extra outputs via 4I/O USB expansion boards (PN 10-4675)
Environmental & Approvals
EU Directives
EMC 2014/30/EU
FCC part 15 class A
Protection Grade
Housing = IP68, Connectors = IP67
Shock & Vibration
Temperature Range
From -34°C to +74°C (-29°F to 165°F)
Imaging & Optical
FOV - Horizontal
Thermal: 25°; Visual: 5-54° (varifocal)
Long wave Infrared (7 – 14 µm)
Number of Detection Zones
24 vehicle presence zones, 8 bike presence regions, 6 traffic data zones, 6 wrong way driver zones, 4 wildlife detection regions
Current Consumption
<580mA @ 24VDC (< 200mA @ 24VDC peak at start-up)
Input Power
12-42VAC, 12-48VDC (when connected as PoE, use 48VDC)
Power Consumption
≤ 14W
Shipping Information
All weatherproof (UV-resistant)
System Integration
Web interface
When connected as BPL: 64 output states via TI BPL2 EDGE interface and via PIM module (SDLC to traffic light controller)
Thermal Imaging
Field of View
Horizontal: 25° Vertical: 20°
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TrafiSense2 Dual - Model: TrafiSense Dual 625

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