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VS80 IR Thermal Camera Probe 19 mm × 1 m long

FLIR IR Thermal Camera Probe (VS80CIR-21)

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160 × 120 thermal camera probe for the FLIR VS80 High-Performance Videoscope
The VS80IR-21 is a general purpose thermal camera probe for thermography inspections in difficult-to-access areas such as industrial gearboxes, aircraft engines, building attics, wall cavities, and crawl spaces.

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7 Camera Probes for One Videoscope

7 Camera Probes for One Videoscope

Select from 7 versatile camera probes for your VS80 High-Performance Videoscope! Pick one—or more—depending on your inspection needs.

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Environmental & Certifications
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
3 years
Probe Length
1 m
Imaging & Optical
Camera Length Range
>15 cm
Color Palettes
Iron, rainbow, grayscale, below alarm, above alarm
Depth of Field
10 mm to infinity
19 mm
Field of view (FOV)
Frame Rate
8.7 Hz
Image Resolution
160 × 120 (19,200 pixels) thermal resolution
Measurement & Analysis
Object Temperature Range
-10°C to 400°C (14°F to 752°)F
Spot Meter
Centre spot, hot spot, cold spot, no measurement
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Export Restrictions

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FLIR IR Thermal Camera Probe (VS80CIR-21)