Ladybug6 Firmware Release Notes

Release 1.17.3-00

Bugs Fixed

[1] FIRM-8884 - Fixed issue after memory channel load, camera would always trigger on negative edge regardless of previously saved polarity configuration in memory channel. Loading memory channel will now correctly load & set the trigger polarity to saved memory channel value.

[2] FIRM-9514 - Fixed issue where camera timestamping may jump backwards in time with GPS Time Sync enabled. This was caused by camera accepting erroneous GPS input on sync loss. Added further checks for GPS string quality and valid bits to determine GPS input usage on sync loss.

[3] FIRM-9644 - Fixed issue where camera was using 8-bit auto exposure values for all data formats. Previously camera was able to distinguish usage of 8 or 12-bit auto exposure values based on on-camera processing requirements between JPEG8 and JPEG12. Introduction of JPEG12-Processed broke this logic. Camera now uses correct auto exposure values based on data format selected.


[1] FIRM-9189 - Updated feature for configurable PPS polarity latching. Previously PPS polarity was tied directly to the GPIO Polarity GUI element. However in IIDC camera specification there is no distinction of individual polarity in GPIO channels. This would result in all GPIO polarity settings being tied to singular PPS polarity setting. This feature is now configurable independently through the PPS Ladybug register.

Known Issues



Usable on LD6-U3-122S7C

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