Some 1394b network configurations cause bus resets and image acquisition problems.

Last Revision Date: 6/27/2014

This article discusses one of the possible causes of freezing images and bus resets in some multi-node 1394b configurations. 

Any multi-node IEEE-1394b configurations connected to a 1394b OHCI Host Adapter card that uses the Texas Instruments TSB81BA3 chipset may encounter some of the following problems:

    1. A bus reset may occur in certain topologies when 1394b BOSS arbitration is in use
    2. In 1394b systems with more than four cable hops, unwanted bus resets may occur

For a full description of some of the known issues with the TSB81BA3 chipset, consult the TSB81BA3 Errata (Rev C).

The later version of this chipset, the TSB81BA3D, corrects most of these problems, and replaces the TSB81BA3 chipset used in applicable Point Grey products.