How can I display live video using FLIR Tools?

Most of the modern FLIR Ethernet and USB cameras can stream live video to a PC using the free FLIR Tools software; however, FLIR Tools is in the process of being discontinued.

We recommend users to transfer to our newest and most feature rich software: FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

The USB cameras will connect as a standard UVC device, so no special drivers are provided by FLIR.  The standard Windows drivers are used.

For the Ethernet cameras, some additional drivers are needed:

GigE/GeniCAM Cameras: During the FLIR Tools installation, select the option for Network Camera Support.  This will install the Pleora drivers that are needed to process the Gigabit Ethernet video.

100 Mb Cameras (A300, A310, A320): The following device drivers must be installed from the download page.

With the optional FLIR Tools+ upgrade, you can record radiometric sequences (SEQ format) from the camera.  All temperature data is included with the recordings, and individual images can be extracted from the recording.  A Tools+ license can be ordered online.

Some training videos for FLIR Tools/Tools+ can be found at in the FLIR Tools Playlist.

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