How can I stream video from my USB or Ethernet camera?

USB cameras

Most modern USB cameras connect as a standard USB video device, just like a webcam. You can stream video from the camera and see exactly what is shown on the LCD screen using any software that supports streaming video.  Many cameras also stream radiometric video, allowing you to capture and post-process video using FLIR Tools+ or ResearchIR software. Some cameras, like the FLIR GF3xx and legacy Txxx series, have a USB mode setting that needs to be configured for video. Check your manual and datasheet to find out more about what options your camera has.

Ethernet cameras

See this article for information about using Ethernet cameras with FLIR Tools.

IR Monitor can be used with the FLIR A310 and A320 cameras to configure measurement settings and alarms.

ResearchIR is only compatible with SC-branded Ethernet cameras. All drivers are installed automatically with ResearchIR.

Ethernet cameras allow for other streaming video options using RTSP and GeniCAM-compliant software, depending on the camera model.

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