How do I change the termperature range that my FLIR A310pt operates in?

If you do not use FLIR Sensor Manager and want to change the temperature range, perform these steps:

  1. Start up the web interface and log in.
  2. Press the Advanced button at the bottom right. This will open up a console under the live stream.
  3. Start by typing
    then press enter. This will display how many ranges the camera has. To display what each range represents, type
    to show what index 0 represents,
    to show what index 1 represents, and so on.
  4. Once you know which index you want to change to, type
    and press enter to change to index 0 (or use the index number of your choice instead ).

To display the temperature range you are in at present, type IRNucTableGet, then press enter.

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