What is the difference between the PathFindIR II and Boson, Quark2, Tau2 cores?

PathFindIR II is a hermetically-sealed, ruggedized, 24ยบ field of view (only) camera system with limited options and minimal accessories. PathFindIR II is principally designed to be installed on wheeled vehicles as an aftermarket option to enhance the driver's nighttime viewing range and help provide early detection of potential safety hazards. PathFindIR II is more affordable (in low volumes) due to its higher volume manufacturing rate. The video format of PathFindIR II is 320x240 only - this resolution is often referred to as quarter-VGA or QVGA format.

PathFindIR II is the only OEM product that is rated to IP67 environmental standards.

Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 are available in both 320x240 (QVGA) or 640x480 (VGA) resolutions for analog video display. The digital video formats are 320x256 and 640x512, respectively.

Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 cameras have more features, more accessories, and multiple lens options. These OEM products are highly configurable for specific applications. Custom configurations of Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 can be created for customers that require moderate volumes of cameras (generally 1,000+).

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