Recorded Webinar: Machine Condition Monitoring

Thermal imaging is perhaps the easiest non-contact temperature measurement method available. It makes the otherwise invisible problems visible, so corrective action can be taken prior to catastrophic failure. Monitoring mechanical components such as motors, bearings, exhaust vents, etc. for hot spots can alert you to possible failure points. In addition, thermal scans of cables, wiring, terminals, and other electrical components can quickly reveal potential weaknesses and heat management issues.  Deploying IR cameras to monitor your critical equipment can be a very effective first line of defense against unexpected and unplanned downtime.

This recorded webinar introduces cost effective and scalable solutions for using thermal imaging cameras with MoviTHERM's MIO Intelligent I/O Module. The MIO I/O module simplifies thermal imaging systems and eliminates the need for traditional PC-based architectures.


  • How to utilize thermal cameras for condition monitoring applications
  • How to simplify machine condition monitoring systems using the MIO I/O module
  • How to save money by avoiding costly and unplanned equipment breakdown
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