FLIR Maritime Warranty Upgrade

Register Your Products to Extend Your Warranty

FLIR is pleased to offer free extended warranty for FLIR Maritime products (excludes cooled sensor product, warranty replacements and refurbished product) simply by registering your new products online.

When you register your new FLIR products online within 90 days of purchase, your standard 2-year warranty coverage is extended to 3-years at no additional cost.

This new extended warranty program demonstrates FLIR’s confidence in the high standards of quality and reliability that have been designed into its products across the board.

To complete online registration please have your product model number and serial number available.

Other Benefits of Registering Online

Protect your investment

Your product registration document will be a record of your product and serial numbers in case something happens to your equipment or your boat.

Access technical support

Get the support you need from FLIR’s product experts. Registering online gives us the complete picture of your navigation system, and lets us serve you better.

Stay connected to FLIR

Registration entitles you to a wide range of benefits such as notifications of product updates, newsletters, invitations to FLIR owners-only events and more.