Out Of Warranty Repairs

Repairing Your Product Out of Warranty

FLIR Maritime products are designed and tested to deliver years of trouble-free performance. In the unlikely event that your FLIR product should develop a problem and repair services cannot be obtained locally, product repair service may be obtained from the FLIR Maritime Service Team.


FLIR Maritime cameras are subject to U.S. Government Export regulations. Cameras require an Export Licence or certification before a repaired camera can be returned.

Please contact us at USMaritimeThermalSupport@flir.com before returning your camera so we can ensure correct documentation is in place.

Cameras with a frame rate greater than 9Hz require an export licence.

New U.S. Government export license requirements require FLIR to ask the intended end-use and end-user for cameras with a frame rate less than 9Hz. Cameras with a frame rate less than 9Hz require end-user statements. Please contact us before returning your camera, advising the end use for the camera.

It is important to inform us immediately if a camera is being used, or will be used, for military end-use, by military end-users, or incorporated into a military commodity. Additional information will be required and FLIR will assist in obtaining the appropriate authorizations from the U.S. Government.

Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia

Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4pm (UK)

Maritime Camera Support


Service Repair Workshop

FLIR Maritime EMEA Service Centre
Marine House
Cartwright Drive
PO15 5RJ
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1329 246 932



Mon-Fri, 8.15am-5pm (EST)

Maritime Camera Support


FLIR Maritime Service Center

9 Townsend West
NH 03063

+1 603 324 7900


  • If you need to return your Product to FLIR Maritime, this must be done through the FLIR Customer Portal.
  • Products must only be returned when you have received a notification number.
  • Securely re-package the Product for shipping; and include the notification number from the FLIR Customer Portal.
  • FLIR recommends insuring your product for its replacement value. FLIR will accept no liability for products damaged or lost in transit to our service repair workshop.
  • FLIR warrants repairs performed for a period of 180 days from the date of repair. For full details about the terms of the warranty view the full policy. At its sole discretion FLIR retains the exclusive right to repair, replace the unit with a new or refurbished unit, or offer a full refund of the flat rate of repair as its sole remedy. FLIR may also offer upgrades at discounted rates.
  • Cosmetic damage and blemishes are not covered by repairs.
  • Units that have been shipped in to a FLIR Maritime Service Centre that have been subject to misuse, submerged, received excessive voltage damage, been incorrectly installed, modified or suffered any other extraneous damage, not associated with normal wear and tear, will not be covered under the fixed price repair.
  • Units that are considered beyond economical repair (greater than 75% of the published selling price of an identical or equivalent product) will not be covered under the fixed price repair. FLIR will charge the return postage fee as applicable. Alternatively, a discounted upgrade to a new product can in most cases be offered. When an upgrade is taken, FLIR will scrap the product at its premises. Upgrades will be subject to normal stock lead times, availability, licences and delivery charges specified at the time.