FLIR Outdoor & Tactical Systems 2-3-10 Warranty

From the date the original end-user (the “Customer”) purchases a new product from FLIR or its affiliates (“FLIR”) or from an authorized FLIR reseller (the “Purchase Date”), all Qualifying Products properly registered with FLIR within sixty (60) days of the Purchase Date are eligible for extended warranty coverage under FLIR’s Outdoor & Tactical Systems 2-3-10 Global Limited Warranty.

FLIR thermal cameras in the OTS product line which are properly registered (see Section 1 in document) qualify for extended warranty coverage of the specified components and/or thermal camera sensor (the “Sensor”) (see Section 3) and are considered “Qualifying Products”. 

Register your OTS product by creating a FLIR account and adding your products. 

For technical support, repairs, returns, refunds and warranty questions contact

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