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Biological Detection

In wide service throughout the world, FLIR IBAC products are used to collect and detect aerosolized agents for all four classes of environmental biological threat agents (airborne spore, viral, cellular, and protein toxins). The results are easy to interpret, can be monitored remotely, with indications in seconds following exposure, and highly reproducible and accurate. The well characterized and validated onboard algorithms allow for the IBAC to work reliably within minutes of deployment without requiring a customized background of conditions. The IBAC’s algorithms are tuned to precisely monitor air continuously to detect anomalies within outdoor or indoor operating environments. The IBAC is rugged and can support standalone fixed site, tactical and expeditionary deployments, and can easily be integrated into other security cabinets and enclosures inclusive of unmanned and manned vehicles and HVaC units.


Instantaneous Biological Analyzer and Collector


Bio-Threat Detection & Collection

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Bio Aerosol Fluorescence

The IBAC 2 is a real-time optical sensor that counts individual airborne particulates and provides the ability to discriminate a biological agent based on elastic scattering and fluorescence emission.

FLIR to Participate in National Academies of Sciences Workshop on Biological Detection Systems
FLIR to Participate in National Academies of Sciences Workshop on Biological Detection Systems

The workshop will explore alternative and effective bio detection systems for aerosolized agents that meet the technical and operational requirements for the Department of Homeland Security’s BioWatch Program.