Endeavor Robotics is Now Part of FLIR

Unmanned Ground Systems

Combat-Proven Robots

FLIR UGS has delivered more than 7,000 robots to customers in over 55 countries. We partner with U.S. and international defense forces, law enforcement, public safety, energy and industrial users to design technologically advanced robots that support a wide range of missions. Whether it’s a roadside bomb on the battlefield, a suspicious package on the subway, or a potential HAZMAT situation, our robots help keep troops, first responders, and the public safe.

US & International Defense Forces

Deployed across the globe with U.S. Forces and international partners, our robots are credited with protecting thousands of lives while aiding personnel in the completion of diverse missions.

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Public Safety

Public safety professionals, from bomb techs to SWAT operators, use our robots to protect life and property as they respond to daily threats. Our robots are in service with more than 100 law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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Energy & Industrial

By performing inspections, investigations, surveys, monitoring, and manipulation remotely via robot, operators have significantly reduced risk and personal exposure to hazardous environments.

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Service & Support

Your Mission is Critical to Us

FLIR’s team of Field Support Engineers (FSEs) is our front-line with you, our customer. Our FSEs have used robots in their military careers or serviced robots for public safety, defense, critical emergency and disaster situations. They have the knowledge and tools needed to ensure your robot is mission ready.