About FLIR - Sara HSara H.

Product Manager, Optical Gas Imaging, Täby, Sweden

I knew FLIR was a very interesting company, building groundbreaking products, long before I joined. In fact, some former colleagues had gone on to work there, and they spoke very highly of the organization. I have a Masters Degree in Science from The Royal Institute of Technology. I've now been with FLIR for almost a year and have already launched my first product!

Initially, I just had the fascinating Optical Gas Imaging product series under my wing, and I was responsible for driving this initiative. But after a couple of months I also had the privilege of managing the maritime MV/Mu-series and the surveillance PT602cz product series.

The positive benefits our products bring are particularly exciting, their contribution to personal safety and sustainability is truly exceptional. But I think it's the open and diverse nature of the people I enjoy the most. Every team is dynamic, forward-looking and engaged, and I am empowered to make a difference every day.

FLIR Employee - Chuck CChuck C.

Program Manager

I chose to pursue a career with FLIR because the technology is so impressive and the people so inspirational. Originally a helicopter electrician, and former member of the armed forces, my skills transferred to FLIR seamlessly, and I've been here for almost seven years. Right now I manage a wide variety of programs, but my first role was in field services.

Every day is different, but it's so rewarding to interact with our customers and ensure their needs are always met. I build relationships with clients at every level, so I know I'm making a difference to the company's performance. Being involved with the US Coastguard and law enforcement agencies is particularly exciting.

From my first day at FLIR, I've enjoyed the support and encouragement of my colleagues and managers - and that has never gone away. This is a genuinely dynamic and collaborative workplace which makes me feel proud, engaged and challenged. If you're flexible, and prepared to act at a moment's notice, you can be confident you'll succeed at FLIR.

FLIR Employee - Petrina BPetrina B.

Global Program Compliance Manager, Elkridge, MD

I wanted to work for a major player in the defense and force protection arena that was still small enough where I could access senior management to share ideas and recommendations. FLIR was ideal.

With a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) qualification, I am currently the Global Program Compliance Manager and serve as the Global Trade Compliance and Global Risk Management emissary for the Integrated Systems (IS) team. This involves ensuring contractual, regulatory and program compliance as well as educating and training the team on FLIR policies and procedures.

I love my job because it is challenging while expanding my knowledge and skills. My colleagues are the brightest group of people that I have worked with.

I have the opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated group of people. FLIR’s brand and ever-changing technology keeps me up-to-date with the industry and its customers. The technology is exceptional.

FLIR is a dynamic, growing, innovative company and a great place for anyone who wants to make the most of their experience, education and skills. What separates FLIR from the rest is it allows you to create your own career path and pursue your passions, while still emphasizing teamwork and collaboration.

FLIR Employee - Chris BChris B.

US National Sales Director – R&D/Science Solutions, Pasadena, CA

I joined FLIR 10 years ago because I was looking for an opportunity to grow my career. At an event I was shown an image of a thermal handprint on a wall using FLIR’s infrared camera technology and was amazed! I was hooked on the technology and the vast array of applications for which it can be used, and I haven’t looked back.

I grew up in a small Kansas town and was always interested in computers and electronics. At Kansas State University I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, and most recently received an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Early in my career as a Science Segment Engineer, I've had the opportunity to partner up with a wide array of customers on interesting applications ranging from signature work on military targets at government test ranges to thermal microscopy work on next generation mobile phone integrated circuits. However, the favorite part of my current role really has been collaborating with different teams and working on incredibly innovative projects at FLIR that allow us to provide our customers the tools they need to do great research and development on their next generation products.

Managing a team of four US sales people, I'm responsible for helping build strategy and coordinate sales, marketing, and product development efforts within the R&D/Science segment in order to grow our business. So I work very closely with the local science segment engineers to create a cohesive plan as a team. My colleagues are the best within their specific areas. Having the opportunity to work with A-list players is incredible energizing. It's clear that anyone who is smart, works hard, and is great working with teams will be given the chance to be successful at FLIR.

If anything, I’m more excited and engaged than ever. I love my job and if you aspire to work with exceptional people at the forefront of innovation you'll find this is a very dynamic, ever-changing work environment.

FLIR Employee - Jason MJason M.

Area Sales Manager - Distribution, UK

As a well-structured market leader with excellent career opportunities, I was very attracted to FLIR. Having gained a BA Hons degree in history at Royal Holloway University - I moved into electronic component sales. This led me to FLIR in late 2010 and since then, I’ve done a Level 1 Thermography Certification and a 'Train the Trainer' course.

My work here is never less than varied and interesting. I'm responsible for promoting Test & Measurement products, managing three distribution networks and training new salespeople. Meeting partners across the UK and Ireland, it's the travel and people that make this such a satisfying role. It's not often you work for a company where the products are so much fun to use, and customers are so excited by the technology.

As my role has grown, I've been given new products and new markets to develop, and FLIR has remained committed to helping me improve my skills, with access to training courses every year.

A FLIR career offers a combination of exciting technology, a competitive salary and opportunities to thrive. It’s the largest company in its field and that's thanks to effective teamwork. Helping each other out is common practice, giving us flexibility to do our work more quickly and effectively.

If you're positive, innovative and can see beyond the obvious, you're sure to succeed at FLIR.

FLIR Employee - Joakim FJoakim F.

FPGA Architect and Tech Lead, Täby, Sweden

A former colleague, who had joined FLIR before me, told me about the company and that there was a vacancy there. I applied for the job and got it—but declined. The tasks were just not in line with what I wanted to do. On the other hand, I was convinced that FLIR was absolutely the right company for me. Even at the first interview, I could sense the open culture and welcoming atmosphere. I knew I would like it there. A year later “my” position was advertised, as FPGA designer, and I got it! The role has evolved, and today I work as FPGA Architect and Tech Lead for FPGA, which means that I’m the technical lead in the team.

What I like best is the variety of different tasks: that some days focus on technical issues, while other days my job is to give the team the right conditions to perform well. That combination suits me.

We have a great atmosphere in our team. Everyone works hard to get the job done, while making sure to have fun. There is a strong level of engagement at FLIR, so everyone is willing to go the extra mile, and that is very stimulating.

In some projects, we work with FLIR in other parts of the world, which broadens our perspective and gives new energy. On top of that, management is positive to us testing new technologies, if we have an idea that could improve our products.

Working with exciting products is of course a major benefit. Plus, being able to walk into our production department and hold in your hand a product that you have developed gives a great feeling of satisfaction.

FLIR Employee - Gregoire OGrégoire O.

General Manager, FLIR Maritime

The company I was working for was acquired by FLIR in 2008, which gave me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition to take a leading role in thermal engineering. With an Engineering degree in Opto-electronics, and a Masters in Business, my roles at FLIR have always been varied and fast-moving. For FLIR ATS, after leading roles in Purchasing and Operations, I became General Manager of both sites.

I joined Raymarine in the UK as General Manager in May 2013 and took the full responsibility of the Maritime segment early 2014. This position makes me responsible for managing the full business from sales to product strategy, and engineering to operations.

Every day presents new challenges and new opportunities in the marine environment. This is a dynamic and evolving culture, and I'm always learning. So, if you're passionate, motivated, and enjoy relationships, there couldn't be a better place to build a successful career.

FLIR Employee - Jeff PJeff P. PhD.

R&D Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer, Oak Ridge TN

With a Bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech, Masters and PhD from the University of Tennessee in Nuclear Engineering, I was part of the ICx Radiation team when FLIR bought the company in 2010. The people and new technologies persuaded me to stay, and since then I have been very proud to be involved in several projects, including the development of the iFind Compton telescope - a novel device for detecting radiation at long distances. I've also worked on the highly successful 'NanoRaider', handheld radiation detector.

Right now, I'm responsible for managing the R&D team for FLIR's radiation detector projects, as well as compiling proposals and overseeing radiation safety program and licensing. There's even time for some lab work!

FLIR has a unique culture which encourages us to learn from each other. This gives us the confidence and capability to push the technological envelope.

My colleagues have come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, and we're always collaborative and team-oriented. I very much value the opportunity to work with an innovative, progressive, impactful company that leads the market. And to anyone embarking on a FLIR career, I would simply tell them not to be afraid to step outside the box and stretch their limits.

FLIR Employee - Jeremy WJeremy W.

Manager – Science & Technology

FLIR Detection works in Chemical Agent Detection using enzymes, and that's what I researched for my degree. So, when my company was acquired by FLIR, I had the chance to apply my personal skills in novel and innovative ways. And that really appealed to me.

I have a BS in Chemistry from Colgate University and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and have been with FLIR for seven years now. We make technology that makes a difference to the world's problems for clients like the Joint Services of the US Armed Forces.

As a Program Manager, I'm responsible for developing new enzyme-based technologies for detection and decontamination of chemical warfare agents. I love the technical challenges and relish the team-oriented environment. It's so rewarding to take a product from invention to commercial sale, and this really is a unique opportunity to do cutting edge work and make a genuine impact.

FLIR has matched and exceeded my expectations and I am proud to say that my team works very hard and is deeply engaged with our projects.

To thrive at FLIR, you just need to be unafraid of challenges, have high expectations, set lofty goals and aspire to do things that are almost beyond what’s possible.

FLIR Employee - Jesper A.Jesper A.

Production Planner, Täby, Sweden

FLIR is known for its high-tech and production site in Stockholm and I'd heard about their innovative products in University, so the company was an obvious choice. I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been with FLIR since 2012.

Initially I worked in daily production, but recently I moved into a development project which looks at ways to improve our working methods for the future. I'm mostly involved in Supply Chain and Logistics and spend a lot of time in SAP, looking at ongoing strategies in these areas.

The technology and site here is really cool and I've learned a lot from it. Everyone enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and working with prestigious people on very exciting projects.

What's more, I always feel motivated and free to do what I want to do, rather than what other people want me to do. I'm in charge of my own progress and work best when I can focus on what I'm good at, FLIR allows me to do that.

When you learn about the company and its products, everything is attainable here. As long as you're open to change, and you're ready to explore the amazing possibilities, your career will grow and grow.

FLIR Employee - Ron NRon N.

Raymarine Product Support Manager, Nashua, NH

I didn’t choose FLIR - they chose me! When I heard my employer's company had been acquired by FLIR I was elated. The quality of R&D at FLIR is exceptional, and the innovative technology and quality of products are first-class.

I went to the Coast Guard Electronics School and gained an ISCET Associate Level Electronics Technician Certification, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Information Technology, and am currently studying for an MBA. I have been with FLIR since 2007 and as the Product Support Manager, my team and I take pride in providing one of the best support services in the industry. One of my most important tasks is finding innovative ways to make this even more efficient.

FLIR is committed to helping people develop their ideal career, and I can’t think of a single expectation they haven't exceeded. You'll find a very dynamic culture at FLIR, an atmosphere which stimulates innovation to find new ways to integrate the business and products.

It's obvious FLIR cares about its employees. The company has paid for my undergraduate qualification and my forthcoming MBA. So, if you're looking for a company that listens to your contributions and respects everyone as an individual then FLIR is the place for you.

FLIR Employee - Vatche AVatche A.

Marketing Media Specialist, Nashua, NH

I was working for a company which FLIR acquired and I stayed because I could see a great opportunity to focus on video and social media with a company on the edge of innovation. Creating video content for the different brands is very exciting and I'm constantly learning about new products and applications.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Media from Fitchburg State, my background is in film and I specialize in corporate video production and social media marketing. I've also won several awards for my short films.

In the eight years I’ve been with FLIR, I’ve had the opportunity to use my skills to create videos promoting hundreds of different FLIR products. I also Created and manage the Planet Extech community website, which allows people to share content and gain knowledge. My job has taken me to some amazing places; I've shot thermal videos for the Discovery Channel and visited the Middle East for Formula One racing.

FLIR's senior managers are incredibly approachable and the environment is diverse, fast-paced, and collaborative. I find myself challenged and thrive on that, it gives me a sense of creative freedom and accomplishment.

If you have the ability to flourish in a fast paced environment, this is an awesome place to work. If you’re focused you will succeed.