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Electric Utilities Solutions

Learn about the solutions that could help you troubleshoot problems before they turn into expensive failures — whether you maintain uptime at electric power generation stations, keep the power flowing through distribution networks, or troubleshoot failures at the residential and commercial level.

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Detect safety hazards and costly failures before they happen

Quickly monitor and troubleshoot mechanical equipment and electrical connections with accuracy and efficiency. Scan pumps, process valves, storage tanks, and motors, to ensure your equipment is immaculate, well-functioning, and profitable. Ensure proper installation of electrical wiring and equipment to prevent injury, costly power outages, and irreversible damage.

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Empowering you to "see" invisible gas leaks

FLIR optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras can help you detect methane, sulfur hexafluoride, and hundreds of other industrial gases quickly, accurately, and safely―without shutting down systems. With FLIR OGI cameras, you can scan broad sections of equipment rapidly and survey areas that are hard to reach with traditional contact measurement tools. OGI cameras can also detect leaks from a safe distance, displaying these invisible gases as clouds of smoke.


OGI Camera for Hazardous Locations

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Avoid production stops with high-tech monitoring

Monitor high and low voltage installations, turbines, compressors, and other electrical, and mechanical equipment and identify potential problems before failure occurs. An anomaly can have serious implications on unmonitored processes. Ensure your equipment is working for you, not against you, with powerful inspection.


IR Temperature Sensor

Early Fire detection

Detect potential fires before they spark with non-contact thermal imaging

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Process Control & QA

Consistently deliver high quality with no exceptions

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People Counting & Tracking

Highly accurate, anonymous information about people's movement in physical places

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