The Proliferation of Precision Fires

Our latest whitepaper explores the critical importance of precision fires to address capability gaps on the modern battlefield and engage a new generation of enemy threats. The paper also examines game-changing laser target designator (LTD) technology employed by Group 1 Unmanned Aerial Systems that can speed up decision-making and boost the mission success of precision fires ‘anytime and in any environment.’

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic importance of precision fires continues to be underlined by the ongoing war in Ukraine.
  • To ensure ‘overmatch’ against near-peer adversaries, precision dominance must be assured with every warfighter on the battlefield retaining the ability to call for fires (US Army Chief of Staff).
  • Group 1 VTOL UAS mounted Laser Target Designators support cost-effective and flexible precision fires solutions in comparison to Group 4 UAS and loitering munitions.
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