Apparel Retailer Colgram Deploys In-store Analytics Into More Than 90 Stores

Colgram, a top women’s and children’s apparel retailer based in Chile, is using FLIR Brickstream® 3D smart devices across more than 90 store locations in South America as part of an in-store analytics deployment initiated by SkillUp Chile, a Latin American reseller. The solution delivered by SkillUp provides Colgram with highly accurate real-time metrics and reports on in-store occupancy, traffic paths and more. This information will give store managers the insight they need to make better decisions related to staffing, service and other key areas impacting retail performance.

Business Challenge

Previously, Colgram had been using infrared beam technology to count shoppers entering or exiting stores, but the retailer found that the data captured was not accurate, comprehensive or timely enough to support its evolving analytic requirements. In particular, Colgram wanted a solution able to distinguish between adults and children, so that parents shopping with kids would be counted as a single shopping unit, rather than independently.

This is an important distinction, because it impacts how sales conversion metrics are calculated: counting a family of children and adults as individuals will incorrectly inflate the number of potential conversion opportunities. FLIR Brickstream 3D smart analytics devices are the most accurate on the market, and will allow Colgram to precisely measure shopping units, calculate sales conversions and get up to the minute insight on multiple aspects of shopper behavior that they can review and take action on real-time.


“We wanted a solution that would enable us to move beyond the door and analyze shopper behavior throughout the store,” said Hernán Ferragut, Director of Retail for Colgram. With beam technology, we were only able to track entrances and exits, incorrect counts were common, and it would take days or even weeks to process the data collected.”

“The sophisticated real-time data capture capabilities provided by FLIR Brickstream sensors, combined with the granular analytics and reporting provided by SkillUp’s FollowUP solution, will give us immediate access to accurate information about store traffic, allow us to count children and adults as a single shopping unit, and understand other key metrics. This deeper level of ‘behavior intelligence’ is necessary to improve performance in today’s fast moving and competitive retail environment.”

“Successful in-store analytics depends on an ability to capture highly accurate data not just at the door, but all the way through the retail environment to the back wall,” said Christian Cafatti, CEO of SkillUp Chile. “FLIR Brickstream’s 3D stereo sensors consistently beat out infrared beams, thermal sensors and other types of commonly used retail technologies for accuracy, and this advantage, combined with FollowUP’s rich set of real-time reporting tools, was a key factor in Colgram’s decision to choose us for this project.”

About Skillup Chile

Skillup Chile is a software development company creating business intelligence solutions for the retail industry. It was founded in Santiago, Chile in 2010 by the Tokyo-based software company Skillup Japan and some Chilean partners. It offers a wide range of business intelligence and Big Data analytics software tools along with system integration services for large retailers in both South America and Japan. Its main product is FollowUP, a business intelligence solution that helps retail stores enhance their operations and boost their sales by providing them with valuable information based on data captured by various types of sensors.

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