What Is EO/IR?

EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) systems are imaging systems used for military or law enforcement applications which include both visible and infrared sensors. Because they span both visible and infrared wavelengths, EO/IR systems provide total situational awareness both day and night and in low light conditions.

Critical features of EO/IR systems are long-range imaging abilities and image stabilization. EO/IR sensors are usually mounted on aircraft or vehicles, used at sea, or are hand-carried, and must be able to identify targets, track moving targets, and assess threats from a distance and in challenging environmental conditions.

Common applications of EO/IR systems include airborne homeland security, combat, patrol, surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue programs. FLIR is committed to the development of EO/IR technology to enable professionals in their mission of saving lives and livelihoods.

FLIR Systems pioneered the first stabilized EO/IR systems, and since the 1990s has been a leader in long-range EO/IR sensors. Beginning with the first SAFIRE system, FLIR has utilized a spiral development strategy to invest ahead of anticipated requirements, ensuring customers are able to easily upgrade with the advancements in technology in this rapidly evolving field.

Current EO/IR sensors include the FLIR Star SAFIRE series of gimbals, with features such as internal navigation for precise targeting, MWIR thermal imaging, EO color and low-light cameras, and multiple laser payload options to ease identification and improve safety. EO/IR technology is also being fit to smaller payloads, including traditional drones and the FLIR Black Hornet, a reconnaissance UAV that fits in the palm of a hand and transmits live video and still HD images back to the operator to improve their awareness and reduce risk to ground forces.

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