Real-Time Traffic Information

Cities and Departments of Transportation rely on accurate real-time traffic information for day-to-day operations. Acyclica provides unprecedented accuracy for real-time traffic information including signalized arterials and free flowing interstates. Keeping apprised of traffic information can help increase network efficiency and even help save lives. Real-Time traffic information is vital to the livelihood and safety of most major metropolitan cities, and Acyclica provides some of the best tools to view and analyze traffic in real-time.

Congestion Mapping and Management

Congestion is inevitable on roadways that many of us use every day. Whether an accident causes a disruption or coordination between signals has not been optimized, resulting congestion often cascades and can be long lasting.

Acyclica allows municipalities to map out and manage congestion in a time and cost effective manner. We offer industry expertise for active congestion management. Learn more about Acyclica offerings including Congestion Management as a Service by contacting us today.

Congestion Map

Acyclica can also connect multiple agencies who are interested in sharing selected information with neighboring jurisdictions or MPOs to create a more cooperative traffic network.

Travel-Times and Delay

Acyclica monitors congestion by measuring both travel-time and delay at the intersection level by anonymously tracking how people move. Having this information in real-time helps engineers manage traffic operations on a day-to-day basis while historical information can be used to understand broader system performance. Acyclica has the tools to analyze and understand the broader implications of deteriorating system travel-times and can help relate that information through a number of real-time services including Variable Message Sign (VMS) integration and congestion web sites.

Route Planning

In an emergency, seconds can save lives. Acyclica provides the most accurate real-time traffic information which can be used for calculating the quickest path between an origin and destination. Whether you are routing an ambulance, delivering packages or just heading to work, Acyclica can ensure you are taking the quickest path to get you there!

Managed Lane Discrimination and Ramp Metering

Acyclica technology is the only roadside ITS sensor which can discriminate travel-times and speeds on managed lanes (Express lanes, high occupancy vehicle [HOV], etc) and general purpose lanes using only roadside detectors. This enables real-time analysis and comparison of speeds even for frontage roads and freeways for complete situational awareness. Measuring congestion on and off the freeway is critical for applications such as dynamic tolling, congestion pricing and ramp metering.

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