Traffic Engineering Services

Acyclica is pleased to be able to provide support services for independent study groups, engineering services, and consulting firms. Our technology is ideally suited for collecting information in these fields in a safe, fast, and cost effective manner.

Applications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Origin / Destination Analysis
  • Traffic Signal Timing Analysis
  • Intersection Delay Report
  • Day of Week Comparison Report
  • Round-About Entry & Departure Analysis
  • Adaptive Signal Timing Assessment
  • Fratis Analysis
  • Timing Runs
  • And More...


FRATIS or Freight Advanced Traveler Information Systems is designed to help with freight optimization and planning. Acyclica is contributing to this initiative by providing turnkey solutions for providing real-time information regarding delays and processing times. The real-time information along with archived information can be used for scheduling to reduce emissions and delays associated with these types of facilities.

24 x 7 Turning Movement Analysis

With Acyclica's unique mapping origin - destination tool it is easy to see the direction of traffic flow at an intersection. Acyclica's intersection delay analysis shows left, right, through delay analysis for every approach at an intersection. Pair origin - destination with delay to provide an in depth understanding for turning movements at an intersection or throughout a city.

Timing Runs

Acyclica offers a variety of unique tools to make traffic studies easier and more cost-effective. One of these algorithmic tools is called Timing Runs. This allows you to follow individual vehicles anonymously along an entire route to verify independent travel times, replacing the need for manual timing runs.

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