FLIR Guide to Embedded Vision Systems

Increase Throughput and Reduce Costs using Board Level Cameras in Embedded Vision Systems

With advancements in the field of electronics, computing systems that were once as large as an apartment can now be shrunk down into devices that are arguably smaller than a grain of rice. Though the computing ability of the world’s smallest computer is debatable, there is no doubt that current generation embedded vision systems are revolutionizing the world—with FLIR board level cameras playing a large part within embedded vision systems.

"Embedded vision" is a concept that involves integrating a camera to a larger system with the goal of creating low power, small, low-cost, lightweight vision systems. In addition to already playing an integral role in industrial automation, robotics, ADAS, and more, embedded vision in association with machine learning provides exciting new possibilities for improving human-machine interaction, thereby opening doors for new markets for the vision industry to step-in.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn the basics of embedded systems, our association to embedded vision, and more. This discussion includes:

  • A brief introduction to embedded vision systems
  • FLIR’s association with embedded vision
  • Real world-applications for embedded vision
  • Board level integration options
  • Techniques and features to improve throughput and reduce costs

About the speaker:

Vijay Venkatraman, Sales Engineer for the EMEA region at FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions GmbH, has been in the Machine Vision for 8+ years. Having completed his Master’s Thesis in Image Processing before transitioning into the role of Technical Support Engineer at FLIR (formerly Point Grey Research GmbH) in 2014 and then into the role of a Sales Engineer, Vijay has witnessed the Vision industry adapt to newer technologies and helped solve design and market problems for our customers. He holds a Master of Science degree from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

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