Webinar: Thermal imaging for electronics design and testing

Learn how to save money and make your supply chain more efficient with thermal imaging

As the demand for the local supply of electronic components increases, and new governmental funding is released to support the need for local manufacturing, the functionality, safety and quality of the electronic components produced will need to be carefully vetted. Observing the thermal characteristics of components in real-time will ensure that any issues with implementation or the compatibility of components are spotted and treated early - preventing costly downtime.

In this recorded webinar you'll:

  • Learn about the challenges manufacturers are facing sourcing chips globally, including how to avoid counterfeit chip producers and long supply chain delays.
  • Uncover how global governmental initiatives are being rolled out to ensure critical components are readily available in your region
  • Find out how you can reduce downtime and make your supply chain more efficient through electronics testing using thermal cameras
  • Discover the latest economical solutions that will help your manufacturing process run as efficiently as possible

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