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Traffic managers all over the world use technology from FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems to keep roadways flowing safely and smoothly. Detection and monitoring solutions from FLIR help traffic and public transportation agencies manage traffic flows efficiently and ensure safety.

Based on advanced technology proven for more than 25 years, FLIR hardware and software solutions help you monitor motorists and pedestrians in urban environments, detect incidents on highways and in tunnels, collect traffic data, and ensure safety on our public railways.




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FLIR Systems Announces Artificial Intelligence Traffic Cameras for Predictive Traffic Management

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Unmatched Insight for City Planning Decisions

As one of the most ambitious smart city projects in Europe, Hamburg, Germany is determined to tackle its urban mobility and sustainability challenges head-on. To have better insights into its city dynamics, Hamburg strongly believes in digitizing traffic. Data collection and data analysis will allow the city’s traffic authorities to make smarter decisions. A new set of data will come from a vast network of FLIR thermal imaging cameras.




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