FLIR Vue® TZ20: The Power of Pixels on Thermal Zoom

Thermal infrared cameras detect heat and can see through darkness, smoke, and most fog providing a life-saving capability. Thermal-equipped drones help emergency services search vast and hard-to-reach areas day or night.  While many drones are equipped with zoom in both visible and infrared spectrums, not all thermal payloads perform to the same standard.

The FLIR VUE® TZ20 uses two FLIR Boson® thermal camera modules to provide performance-leading thermal zoom capabilities.  By integrating both a narrow and a wide field of view (FOV), it puts about 4x more pixels on scene at every zoom level versus all digital-zoom competitors.  It also offers an unmatched 20x thermal zoom capability.  Video from the VUE TZ20 shows the whole story!

Pixels on Scene:  640 X 512 Resolution and Accounting for Zoom and FOV

Zoom Level





Competitor Digital Zoom










See More Faster

UAS pilots traditionally must maneuver an airframe to adequately run search patterns and confirm detected objects.  With better imagery and up to 20X thermal zoom on the VUE TZ20, the same drone can carry out searches over a vast area and examine objects of interest in seconds, conserving valuable battery life and helping quickly eliminate false positives. 

Surveil in Silence

The VUE TZ20’s high-performance thermal zoom allows law enforcement to see and track suspects from distances of beyond 0.25 miles.  A subtle presence is achieved by keeping the noise of an airframe away from the subject to avoid possible detection.  

Teledyne FLIR provides high-definition visible and thermal camera solutions to fit any search and rescue (SAR) situation, regardless of conditions. ​Crews with an aerial solution equipped with thermal zoom can bring those in distress back to safety at a fraction of time, cost, and risk. Learn more about the plug-and-play VUE TZ20 thermal zoom payload.

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