Top Businesses to Start With Your FLIR Vue Pro

Starting a business takes big brains; perseverance, and sometimes a lot of capital to back an idea. While big ideas and the willingness to follow through on them are crucial ingredients for starting a business, an abundance of cash isn’t always necessary. Take starting a business with a drone and a FLIR Vue Pro

FLIR’s thermal imaging technology can literally see the heat, and the FLIR Vue Pro, a camera that attaches to the bottom of a drone, that technology is accessible to drone operators around the world. 

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or maybe a drone owner too, we’ve come up with a list of businesses that you can start with a drone and the FLIR Vue Pro.

Starting at around $1,999, your escape from cubicle-land is just one thermal imaging camera away: 

  1. Livestock monitor:
    1. Become a modern-day cowboy with your drone and FLIR Vue Pro. Help any rancher tend to their cattle by providing real-time observations. Help a rancher make informed decisions and save time on whether to send someone on horseback to wrangle the herd up that hillside on the other end of the valley. Aerial thermal imaging can cover more ground than multiple people on horseback, and it has the advantage of seeing in bright sunlight, through fog and other obscurants, and of course in the dark. Be the first person your local ranchers call when cattle go missing from the herd. Cowboy hat is optional.

  2. Crop Inspector:
    • Aerial imaging is a great resource to survey landscapes and the crops you grow on grow them. Thermal imaging gives you an edge by being able to gather information on the crops you wouldn’t see with a visible camera. Find irrigation leaks or dead foliage by air with the Vue Pro, and ensure that your clients prevent water stress in its early stages for the vital crops they rely on to run their business.

  3. Infrastructure Inspector:
    1. Help facility directors or commercial roofers spot potential issues before they become hazards, by providing them with a thermal audit of the area in question. With the FLIR Vue Pro, you can diagnose where repairs are needed, avoiding complete roof replacement, and without ever having to leave the ground. The Vue Pro easily integrates with 3D mapping software, allowing you to provide clients with a 3D thermal map of their structure. All of this can help your clients save money and keep infrastructure up and running.

  4. Search and Rescue Specialist:
    • Airborne thermal imaging has proven to be successful in large-scale search and rescue missions. Large law enforcement agencies, the military and Coast Guard all use FLIR’s technology on their aircraft daily. Become a specialist for your local police department, ski patrol or search and rescue specialist volunteer organization. Having the FLIR Vue Pro mounted on your drone will allow, to see in almost any environment, and cover more ground in life-saving situations

  5. Wildlife Surveyor:
    • Whether you’re tracking pests like coyotes or observing wildlife in their natural habitat for a population survey, the benefits of thermal imaging with an aerial view offer a unique way to spot wildlife easily and effectively. 

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