Gas Detection Guidebook

Over the decades infrared cameras have revolutionized
maintenance in many industries, proving to be the most superior
technology for finding electrical and mechanical hidden faults –
even before they occur. The clear benefit has been substantial
cost savings, increased worker safety and enhanced product/
process quality.

Infrared cameras can also play a major role in helping to decrease
environmental damage. They are successfully used for detecting
insufficient insulation in buildings, identified as one of the highest
opportunity areas for decreasing the greenhouse effect, as well
as detecting environmentally dangerous gas leaks.

Not only do some of the gases harm the environment but the
leaks also cost companies substantial amounts of money. Against
this background a specific infrared camera was developed
by FLIR in 2007 to detect SF6 gas – 24,000 times more
environmentally dangerous than CO2.

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Gas Detection Guidebook.pdf

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