5 Advancements in the New FLIR Exx-Series Thermal Cameras

Earlier this month, FLIR announced the release of four new models of the Exx-Series of advanced thermal imaging cameras for electro-mechanical, plant, and building maintenance professionals. The four new models—the FLIR E54, E76, E86, and E96—offer a range of resolution capabilities, and are a generational, technological leap that will help make it easier and faster for professionals to find heat-related trouble spots and fix them before they become big, costly problems.
With this in mind, here are five key design and feature advancements that make the Exx-Series the new go-to thermal cameras for maintenance pros.

Intelligent, interchangeable lenses

Not only do the E76, E86, and E96 feature interchangeable lenses in 24 degree, 42 degree, and 14 degree fields of view, the lenses are also more intelligent. Older cameras required a manual calibration before adding new lenses, but now the lenses auto-calibrate, helping pros save time.

On-Board Inspection Route

For the first time, FLIR Inspection Route is now offered as a standard feature on every Exx-Series camera. Designed for thermographers and electrical contractors who regularly inspect large numbers of objects, FLIR Inspection Route guides the user along a pre-defined route of inspection points so they can collect images and data in a structured manner. 

Laser distance measurement

The Exx-Series offers more than just a laser pointer. These cameras also have a laser receiver that can calculate distances between the camera and a target. This not only improves the autofocus response, but also adds critical data for reporting.

On-screen area measurement

When scanning an area with the Exx-Series, you can set a measurement box over a target and use laser distance measurement to calculate the square area inside that box. The camera saves the area measurement along with other image data, so you can create detailed reports that lead to faster repairs.

1-Touch Level/Span

1-Touch Level/Span allows you to choose a small area of focus in a thermal image and—with one touch of the screen—auto-adjust the level and span based on the thermal contrast at that spot in the image. This saves time on manual adjustments and allows you to dial in on the problems and details you care about. 

To learn more about the new Exx-Series cameras, go to www.flir.com/exx-series
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