FLIR Research Scientist Leads Infrared Imaging Course at UCSB

Dr. Austin Richards, a senior research scientist at FLIR, is leading a 3-day course at the University of California Santa Barbara Extension in early February of 2020. Dr. Richards will be joined by Nicholas Högasten from FLIR, as well as other leaders from within the infrared imaging industry. Richards has worked in the science division at FLIR for over 20 years, is a named inventor on 20 US patents for the company, and is highly accomplished in the fields of infrared radiometry, thermography, and ultraviolet imaging.  

Högasten has been with FLIR for more than 15 years, and he is currently the VP of Engineering for FLIR Security. A three-time winner of the Best Paper award at the FLIR Engineering Symposium, Högasten is a co-inventor on over 70 issued FLIR patents. His lecture will focus on image and video signal processing and its many applications in thermal imaging.

Dr. Richards says that the course, Introduction to Infrared Imaging Technology, will take participants on a journey into one of the most exciting areas of modern imaging technology, giving them insight into the virtual “superpowers” granted by thermal imaging to see and quantify the world around us.

Designed for current or prospective users of IR technology, the course will provide students with an in-depth overview of thermal imaging. The course will cover the phenomenology behind IR, optics and image processing, IR sensor technology, and selecting the right IR system for the job. No previous thermal imaging experience or advanced skills in math or physics is required. An evening product demo and two panel discussions with IR imaging leaders are included.

Participants will acquire a sense of confidence in selecting and using the most appropriate IR system for the job, and be provided with a better understanding of what real-life applications and problems can be solved by using IR. This course will take place on February 5-7 at the UC Santa Barbara campus. Learn more and register to get an early-bird discount:

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