SIRAS Safety Bulletin 20230502a

May 02, 2023

SIRAS Unmanned Aircraft

 * Please suspend all SIRAS flights until the corrective action required by this update is complete. *


Teledyne FLIR is contacting you to alert you to a potential safety issue that may affect the Teledyne FLIR SIRAS Unmanned Aerial System that you recently purchased.  It has come to our attention that there may be a firmware issue that could impact the performance and resulting safety of your SIRAS airframe. Please take this notice seriously and comply with the directed action to ensure that you may continue to use your Teledyne FLIR SIRAS in a safe and productive manner.


1 Performance Issue


1.1 Affected Product:

All SIRAS systems that are using firmware version 1.16.46 and prior firmware versions.  Prior firmware versions are indicated by numbers less than 46, as underlined in 1.16.46. It includes but is not limited to version 1.16.38


1.2 Issue:

We believe that there is a firmware programming issue within the SIRAS system that may affect the communication between the controller and the aircraft. This firmware issue could lead to unstable or uncontrollable flight of the aircraft.  All controllers that have firmware version 1.16.46 and prior are potentially impacted.  


1.3  Required Actions:

Teledyne FLIR has compiled a firmware update that corrects the issue identified above and will ensure the continued safe operation of the SIRAS products. We have uploaded the firmware update with installation instructions as a download on the Teledyne FLIR support website at The standard firmware update procedure is straightforward, described in the owner’s manual, and should take only a few minutes to complete.  If you are having trouble with the update or would prefer to have certified service center support, please contact DSLR-Pros at or 877-299-1075 for further assistance. Any customer support required by this firmware update is covered by the SIRAS warranty.


1.4  Downloads and Contact Information:


2 Important Information Resources:

The Safety Bulletin is found at    

SIRAS USER Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Battery Safety Guide are found at or 877-299-1075 for further assistance.

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