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The Airtec monitor is an elemental carbon monitor designed to determine exposure of workers in underground mines to diesel particulate material (DPM). Airtec uses a real-time particle capture and light-transmission method to yield elemental carbon values which closely correlate with NIOSH 5040 test results. The Airtec monitor provides results that are time-and-space-resolved, allowing the operator to track DPM levels over time to help eliminate the risks associated with over exposure.

Wearable, Real-Time DPM / EC Monitor Replicates NIOSH 5040

  • Instant Results

    Get real-time results that you can store for later analysis. No need for filters to send to an outside lab.

  • Increased Safety for Workers

    Airtec has high sensitivity to DPM and can track levels over time to determine the possibility of long-term health hazards.

LCD alerts user of Low battery, Filter change, and Pump flow
Data Archive
2.75 to 66.6 days (1 min. to 1 hr sample intervals)
4.75°(H) x 5.25°(W) x 2.5°(D) / 12.1cm(H) x 13.3cm(W) x 6.4cm(D)
Dynamic Range
9-600 µg/m3 8hr TWA EC
< 15 µg/m3 elemental carbon (EC)
System Weight
1.5 lbs (681g)
Connections & Communications
LCD display with user-controlled backlight; User selectable 1, 5, 15 min. averaging EC and TC data logged 8 hr TWA DPM levels; Mini-USB connection; Optional 4-20 mA output
Battery life
>12 hrs (continuous use)
7.4 VDC (built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery); 100 - 240V AC adaptor

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