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intelliCure Match

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The established standard for concrete cylinder curing, the intelliCure family of products just got even better with the intelliCure Match curing system. Now you can monitor the curing of your critical concrete structures by replicating the real-time, in-place conditions that exist on your site. The specialized sensor transmits the actual temperature conditions of your pour to the intelliCure Match curing box, which matches the water temperature conditions precisely so your breaks will accurately represent what’s going on with your in-place concrete.

The Next Level of Concrete Cylinder Curing

  • Accurately Matches Temperatures

    Matches rising temperatures during hydration and adjusts to match falling temperatures during cool-down.

  • Reliable Results

    Actively stirs the water using patent-pending Bubble Plume technology to eliminate temperature stratification and provide reliable results.

  • Easy Maintenance, Designed to Last

    Features a rugged YETI box with solid pin-hinge design for long-term performance, and a simple-to-replace heating element.

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Export Restrictions

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intelliCure Match