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Model: MIO-A310-1
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FLIR Systems, Inc. is proud to be the exclusive, world-wide distributor for the MIO Series™ line of products from MoviTHERM. This intelligent new I/O solution allows FLIR customers to combine the FLIR AX8, A310, and FC-Series R cameras with the MIO for a complete, robust system for condition monitoring, early fire detection, and process monitoring.

The Missing Link To Better Remote Monitoring

  • Compact Design, Expandable Modules

    MIO is compact, with turnkey design that makes it easy to combine modules to support more than 100 units.

  • Simplified Setup

    Configure MIO via the built-in web server, so there’s no need for a separate PC or custom computer software.

  • Designed to Work with FLIR

    MIO supports a variety of FLIR thermal imaging temperature sensors, including the A310, the AX8, and the FC-Series.

Output and Analysis Options

Output and Analysis Options

The MIO offers Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP compliant analysis and alarm results that can easily be shared to a programmable logic controller. The system includes image masking that highlights relevant areas for analysis, or you can output an analog 4 to 20 mA current loop signal per each region of interest, for process control options.

FLIR Camera Supported
Connections & Communications
4-20 mA Transmitter Channels
2 CH, loop powered, isolated
Ethernet Connectivity
Enclosure Material
Imaging & Optical
Maximum Cameras
Digital Output Current
0.5 A per channel, 1.5 A all channels
Digital Output Voltage
10-30 VDC
Maximum Power Consumption
3 W

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MIO - Model: MIO-A310-1

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