Mid-Range Perimeter Surveillance Radar

Ranger R2

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The Ranger® R2 is a high-resolution radar that accurately detects personnel and vehicles up to 1400m range. These groundbased radars work in virtually any climate, weather or lighting condition, providing 24/7 security. The Ranger R2 scans a full 360 degrees every second, covering over 6 square km (2.4 square miles). Additional units can be networked in an overlapping array to protect larger areas, forming an impassable radar area outside and inside your perimeter.

High resolution wide area surveillance

  • Multiple Security Applications

    Whether securing airports, seaports, borders, critical infrastructure, or for force protection, FLIR radars provide the ideal wide area surveillance solution.

  • The Power of Radar + Imaging

    Using the radar's advantage in detecting intruders, pan-tilt-soom (PTZ) cameras can can focus on identifying and assessing threats.

  • Simple Integration

    Ethernet XML target data in GIS coordinates, as well as wireless and fiber connectivity, makes R2 integration a snap.

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Ranger R2