Mid-Range Perimeter Surveillance Radar

Ranger R2

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The FLIR Ranger® R2 is a high-resolution radar that accurately detects personnel and vehicles at a range of up to 1,400 m. This ground-based radar works in virtually any climate, weather, or lighting condition, providing 24/7 security. Additional units — such as a short-range FLIR Ranger® R1 — can be networked in an overlapping array to protect larger areas, stitching together an impassable radar area outside and inside your perimeter.

High resolution wide area surveillance

  • Multiple Security Applications

    Whether securing airports, seaports, borders, critical infrastructure, or for force protection, FLIR radars provide the ideal wide area surveillance solution.

  • The Power of Radar + Imaging

    Using the radar's advantage in detecting intruders, pan-tilt-soom (PTZ) cameras can can focus on identifying and assessing threats.

  • Simple Integration

    Ethernet XML target data in GIS coordinates, as well as wireless and fiber connectivity, makes R2 integration a snap.

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