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Long range, high resolution Perimeter Surveillance Doppler Radar

Ranger® R5D

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The Ranger® R5D is a dual mode, ground surveillance radar designed specifically for the environmental conditions common to the Middle East region. As a dual mode radar, the Ranger R5D uses FMCW modulation and can be operated in either Fast Scan or Doppler mode with a Fast Scan range up to 5km. Low minimum detection velocity (MDV), high resolution, and advanced tracking algorithms result in low false alarm rates.

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Fast Scan and Doppler in one radar

  • Pulse Doppler Capability

    Ranger 5D Doppler provides extended range coverage in almost any terrain. Overcome blind target ranges/velocities by switching to Fast Scan/FMCW.

  • Dual-Mode Flexibility

    Both modes share one antenna and detect tangential movement. Scan rate, RF bandwidth, and PRFs are optimized per selected mode.

  • Integrated Protection

    Network multiple FLIR radars and EO/IR imagers with FLIR command and control to form a single powerful, integrated surveillance system.

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Ranger® R5D