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Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera for Compressed Air Leak Detection

FLIR Si124-LD Plus

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The FLIR Si124-LD Plus is an easy-to-use, stand-alone system for locating and quantifying pressurized leaks in compressed air systems. This lightweight, one-handed solution is designed to help maintenance, manufacturing, and engineering professionals identify air leaks up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods. Built with 124 microphones, the Si124-LD Plus produces a precise acoustic image that visually displays ultrasonic information, even in loud, industrial environments. The acoustic image is overlaid in real time on a digital camera picture, allowing you to accurately pinpoint the source of the sound. The Si124-LD Plus features a plugin that enables you to import acoustic images to FLIR Thermal Studio suite for offline editing, analysis, and advanced report creation. Field analysis and reporting can also be done using the FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service. Through a regular maintenance routine, the FLIR Si124-LD Plus can help facilities save money on utility bills and delay the expense of installing new compressors.

Available in additional models which include: the Si124-PD for electric utility applications, or the Si124 for both electric utility and leak-detection applications. View the models in the related products section below.

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  • Accurately find the smallest leaks

    Accurately detect and measure small compressed air and gas leaks (from 0.016 l/min to 0.004 l/min) up to 10 times faster with sound imaging, Auto Distance, and Auto Filtering features

  • Reduce costs, save money

    Minimize excess utility costs, equipment failures, and downtime by ensuring proper air pressure to pneumatic equipment and quantifying leak size to understand how much energy was lost

  • Inspect easily

    Quantify leak severity in real time with this lightweight, smart tool that you can operate with one hand and minimal training

See what's different about the Si124-LD Plus



Auto Filter

On most acoustic cameras, you have to manually select the frequency range. Auto Filter automatically chooses the correct settings for each environment and automatically filters out disturbances to make operation even simpler and more effective at finding leaks.





Auto Distance

To get the most accurate leak size estimates, the approximate distance to the leak must be calculated. Auto Distance* automatically detects the distance between the leak and your camera to improve accuracy and reduce manual inputs.

*AutoDistance works for distances up to 5 meters (16 feet)

Continuous Auto-Correct

Improves leak detection performance to find even smaller air leaks from 0.016 l/min to 0.004 l/min.




ITC_Logo_Primary.pngBecome a Thermal Studio Expert

Learn to edit images, analyze them, and produce custom reports using FLIR Thermal Studio Suite software with online training from the Infrared Training Center. This virtual class covers everything you need to know, including: 

  • How to adjust image parameters and optimize thermal contrast
  • How to create batch functions for image processing
  • How to design a new report template

Thermal Studio Training 


Acoustic Measurement
124 low-noise MEMS microphones, real-time sound visualization
From 0.3 m (1 ft) up to 130 m (430 ft)
Leak Rate
In typical industrial environment:
•>0.011 l/min @ 3 bar from 3 m (10 ft) •>0.024 l/min @ 3 bar from 10 m (33 ft) Absolute minimum detection in quiet environment: 0.004 l/min @ 1.2 bar from <1 m (3.0 ft)
Imaging & Optical
Camera software update
Automatic over Wi-Fi
Digital Camera FOV
62° × 49°
Video Frame Rate
25 fps
Video Image Resolution
800 × 480
2x Digital zoom
Measurement & Analysis
Acoustic Measurement
124 low-noise MEMS microphones, real-time sound visualization
2 kHz to 65 kHz, adjustable range
From 0.3 m (1 ft) up to 130 m (430 ft)
Leak Rate
In typical industrial environment:
•>0.011 l/min @ 3 bar from 3 m (10 ft) •>0.024 l/min @ 3 bar from 10 m (33 ft) Absolute minimum detection in quiet environment: 0.004 l/min @ 1.2 bar from <1 m (3.0 ft)
User Interface
Size: 5 in. 800 × 480
Input Device
Resistive touchscreen
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese
Power On Indicator
LED (red)
Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack (RRC 2040): 10.8 VDC, 3.35 Ah, 36.2 Wh

Usage: Up to 2.5 h (depends on ambient conditions)

Charge time: Approximately 2 h

Max output: 12.6 VDC 4A
Battery Charger
Input: 19-26 VDC, 2.8 A, Max output: 17.4 VDC, 4.8 A
Battery weight
0.17 kg (0.37 lb)
Internal Battery
Li-ion 6 Wh
Power Input
Nominal input voltage 12 VDC, Max input: 15 VDC 2.5 A
Environmental & Certifications
Operating Temperature Range
-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Protection Class
Relative Humidity
Recommended 0 to 90%
Storage Temperature Range
-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Battery Size
85 × 59 × 22 mm (3.34 × 2.31 × 0.86 in)
FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer (free web-based analysis and simple acoustic reporting), FLIR Thermal Studio Suite (offline, desktop software with advanced capabilities including thermal and acoustic images on the same page)
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FLIR Si124-LD Plus