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Single LRU HD EO/IR Imaging System

Star SAFIRE® 380-HD

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The Star SAFIRE® 380-HD provides superior image stabilization, ultra-long range imaging performance, and true metadata embedded in the digital video. Featuring internal navigation for precise targeting, a MWIR thermal imager, optional HD color and low-light cameras, and multiple laser payload options, the system is fully hardened for military fixed-wing and helicopter operations. It can operate continuously in all conditions — even while sitting on the tarmac with no airflow.

  • Superior Range and Imaging

    120x-magnification optics extend detection range. Laser payloads covertly illuminate and point out targets and determine distance and location.

  • Single LRU Full-HD Multi-sensor Imaging

    The only all-digital, full HD system in a single LRU, it’s easy to install and integrate – no junction boxes required.

  • Full Digital Image Blending

    The system combines HD IR, color, and SWIR spectral information for enhanced results – essential in single video channel downlinks.

Upgrade to 380X

Upgrade to 380X

Star SAFIRE® 380X is a hardware, firmware, and software upgrade to support advanced image aiding features for our globally renowned Star SAFIRE® 380 gimbal systems. Enhanced 380X features reduce operator workload and boost visibility for faster, smarter mission-critical decisions.

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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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Star SAFIRE® 380-HD