Long Range Cooled Thermal Sniper Sight

ThermoSight HISS-XLR

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The HISS-XLR clip-on thermal weapon sight allows snipers to detect and recognize man-size targets in excess of 2,000 meters, an increase in engagement range of more than 25% compared to previous models.

Extended long-range thermal target acquisition

  • Best-in-Class Imaging

    High-resolution 640x480 mid-wave IR and long-range optics paired with a high definition display provides critical image details.

  • Powerful Tactical Capabilities

    Selectable ballistic/clip-on modes, instant targeting integrated with LRF and ballistics computer, and video out for remote, secure viewing provides flexibility.

  • Field-Proven Durabillity

    Rugged and field-tested on up to and including .50 caliber weapons delivers a thermal sight that snipers can count on.

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ThermoSight HISS-XLR