High Speed, Performance MWIR InSb Camera


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The FLIR X6800sc is a fast, highly sensitive MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. With advanced triggering and on-camera RAM/SSD recording, this camera offers the functionality to stop motion on high- speed events both in the lab and at the test range. The X6800sc has a cooled FLIR indium antimonide (InSb) detector and captures full 640 x 512 images at 502 frames per second, or up to 29,134 Hz with windowing.

Advanced triggering and on-camera RAM/SSD recording

  • On-Camera Recording, Digital Streaming

    Save data to on-camera RAM or to the removable solid-state drive (SSD). Stream high-speed, 14-bit data simultaneously.

  • Advanced Filtering Options

    Incorporates an easy access, four-position motorized filter wheel that permits filter exchange in any environment, and features automatic filter recognition.

  • Synchronization, Triggering, and Software

    Maximum versatility for synchronizing and triggering to external events or instrumentation. Works seamlessly with FLIR ResearchIR Max or third-party software.

Detector Type
FLIR indium antimonide (InSb)
Dynamic Range
2 x 1/4 in. -20 / 1 x 3/8 in. -16 / 4 x #10 -24 / Side: 3x 1/4 in. -20 (each side)
24 VDC (<50 W steady state)
Spectral Range
3.0 – 5.0 µm or 1.5 – 5.0 µm
Well Capacity
11.0 M electrons
Size [L x W x H ] w/o Lens Handle
249 x 158 x 147 mm (9.8 x 6.2 x 5.8 in.)
Weight (without lens & with handle)
6.35 kg (14 lbs)
Connections & Communications
Synchronization Modes
Sync-in, Sync-out
Operating Temperature Range
-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Optional Temperature Range
Up to 1,500°C (2,732°F) Up to 2,000°C (3,632°F)
Standard Temperature Range
-20°C to 350°C (-4°F to 662°F)
Storage Temperature Range
-40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F)
Imaging & Optical
Available Lenses
3-5 µm: 17 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm Broadband (1-5 µm): 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm (Uses FLIR HDC Optics)
Camera f-number
f/2.5 or f/4.1
Close-up Lenses/Microscopes
1x, 4x (3-5 µm, requires f/4.1 camera)
Detector Pitch
25 µm
Digital Zoom
1x, 4x, 4:3
Filter wheel, standard 1-inch filters
Frame Rate [Full Window]
Programmable; 0.0015 Hz to 502Hz
Image Time Stamp
Hi resolution timestamp, sync to internal clock
Minimum Integration Time
270 ns
>99.8% (>99.95% typical)
Selectable 8-bit
Radiometric Data Streaming
Simultaneous Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision®), Camera Link Full
Readout Modes
Asynchronous integrate while read Asynchronous integrate then read
640 x 512
Sensor Cooling
Closed cycle rotary
Standard Video
Subwindow Modes
Flexible windowing down to 64 x 4 (steps of 32 columns, 4 rows)
Lens Interface
FLIR HDC (4-tab bayonet)
On Camera Image Storage
RAM (volatile): 16 GB, up to 26,000 frames, full frame, SSD (non-volatile): 512 GB (supports >4 TB)
Customizable (Timestamp, Date, Integration time, Internal temp, Frame rate, Sync mode, Cooler hours)
Pixel Clock
355 MHz
Video Modes
HD: 720p/50/59.9 Hz, 1080p/25/29.9 Hz
Measurement & Analysis
±1°C or ±% of reading
<20 mK
Automatic Gain Control
Manual, Linear, Plateau equalization, ROI, DDE
Thermal Imaging
Detector Resolution
640 x 512
Media Gallery
1000 FPS Thermal Video from the new FLIR X6900SC!

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