Bonus Buys: Purchase a FLIR E95 & Get a Second Lens Free!

Limited Time Offer: January 13 - March 31

The high-performance E95 offers laser-assisted autofocus, on-screen area measurement, and wide temperature ranges – up to 2732°F (1500°C) – to help you find hidden deficiencies, even from a distance. MSRP: $9,999

Select an additional lens from the lineup of FLIR AutoCal precision autofocus lenses: 14°, 24°, or 42°. A $1550 Value.


  • FLIR 14° Lens - For targets that are small or up to 20 feet away.
    Was: $1,550, Now: FREE
  • FLIR 24° Lens - Good all-purpose lens. Every camera should have one. 
    Was: $1,550, Now: FREE
  • FLIR 42° Lens - For building applications where a wider FOV provides greater depth perception or for use when viewing through IR windows. 
    Was: $1,550, Now: FREE

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