Does Reporter 9 work with Office 2016 32-bit?

Reporter 9 should work fine with Office 2016 32-bit, but you may have issues during Reporter installation. If you happen to have issues, try reinstalling it again, but in case issues are not resolved, you may have to manually register the ddl for it to work.

  • List of possible issues that can be fixed:
    • Add-in not loading
    • Value table not working

To register the dll please follow these steps below:

1. Please close all instances of Word and Reporter. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where Reporter is installed.     
         a. For 32 bit system:  C:\Program Files\FLIR Systems\FLIR Word Reporting\bin     
         b. For 64 bit system:  C:\Program Files\FLIR Systems(x86)\FLIR Word Reporting\bin
2. Copy the Register.txt file (found in the attachments) to this folder. Rename it to Register.bat (Make sure the extension is .bat)
3. Right click on Register.bat and choose Run as Administrator.
4. Run Professional Wizard and create report


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