FLIR Service Packages

Each FLIR infrared camera leaves the factory with the optimum built-in sensitivity, resolution, and reliability. Annual maintenance and calibration is the key to maintaining high performance. When these routine services are ignored, your risk of inaccurate measurements increases.

The calibration of each FLIR camera model is unique, with calibration functionality and constants stored in the camera’s firmware. Therefore, the FLIR calibration lab and its technicians are uniquely qualified to keep your camera in peak operating condition for optimum reliability and accuracy in data collection.

FLIR service packages are designed with a tiered approach, allowing you to select the level of service appropriate to your business requirements and your budget. The service plans are offered on an annual or multi-year subscription basis. FLIR service packages include:

Platinum Premier Service Package

This package combines both the General Maintenance and Gold Plus Packages described below, and adds priority service, which in most cases results in only a few days lead-time. This package includes the complete, 14-Point Inspection & Calibration Program, as well as the full hardware and/or camera software repair service of the Gold Plus Package. It includes parts and labor not included under the General Maintenance Package – all at a very affordable price.

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Gold Plus (Extended Warranty) Package

The Extended Warranty Package covers parts and labor for your IR camera. This can be a valuable service, should your camera encounter hardware or software issues. The Extended Warranty Package must be purchased before the end of the warranty period. It provides coverage even if your camera is used continuously in 24/7 operations.

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General Maintenance Package

The General Maintenance Package offers the complete, hi-tech 14 Point Inspection & Calibration program. This package does not cover material or labor. Bottom line, when you compare the cost of your IR camera to the cost of annual maintenance and calibration, it is well worth the money.

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