Download FLIR Duo Pro R Firmware & Software

Updating the FLIR UAS App

Please download the latest handset application from the appropriate web store for your platform. Some handy links are listed below. Also be sure to keep the OS up to date on your device as Bluetooth is an evolving protocol and receiving continuous improvements.

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Android APK Direct Download

Updating FLIR Duo Pro R Firmware

Download the latest firmware HERE.

Duo Firmware Upgrade Procedure

NOTE: Be sure you are running the latest version of the FLIR UAS App, which can be downloaded from the iOS App store and Google Play store.

  • Download the latest FW file from the website, and place on a microSD card
  • With the Duo Pro powered OFF, insert the SD card into the camera
  • Power on the Duo Pro R
  • Connect to the camera with the FLIR UAS App
  • Follow the automatic prompts to initiate FW upgrade
  • Note: once initiated, one of the camera LEDs will begin blinking pink, and the camera will reboot itself one or two times depending on FW version. Please allow at least 2 minutes for the process to complete. Do not remove power or connect to the camera until the process is complete.

If the automatic prompts are ignored, you can go to the “Setttings -> Camera” tab, and click the “New FW Version” section of the APP, to initiate the upgrade.

Change Log

FW 1.01.08

  • Updates to improve Isotherm feature support.
  • Added GPS LED feature: BT LED now blinks white when a GPS lock is achieved
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes