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Thermal Vision for ADAS and AV Developers

Thermal infrared cameras are the best sensor technology for pedestrian and animal detection, day or night. The FLIR ADK is a cost-effective way to develop the next generation of automotive thermal vision in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs). ADK provides the critical data needed to improve automated decision-making in vehicle safety functions, including automatic emergency braking (AEB). The rugged, IP67-rated enclosure incorporates a heated window for all-weather driving. With GMSL, USB, and FPD-Link interface options available from Teledyne FLIR, integration is plug-and-play.

Interested in a thermal vision enhancement system for today’s vehicles? Please see the PathFindIR II linked below.

PathFindIR II

Driver Vision Enhancement System for Today’s Vehicles

PathFindIR II is a powerful thermal night vision system that helps you clearly see road hazards in total darkness, and it will alert you to nearby vehicles, people, and animals. Headlights typically illuminate about 450 feet straight ahead, but PathFindIR II detects heat without a need for light, allowing you to see up to four times farther down the road. You’ll have visibility through dust, smoke, or fog, and better capability to avoid an accident.

Multiple configurations are available for all PathFindIR II models including animal detection (AD), pedestrian detection (PD), and logo branding.

The end-of-sale date to order the affected product is June 30, 2023. Customers who acquire new product will continue to receive support from Teledyne FLIR until Dec 19, 2025. See the EOL notice below for additional details.

Prism AI

Detection and Tracking Software Framework for Automotive Perception System Development

Prism AI is a software framework that provides classification, object detection, and object tracking enabling perception engineers to quickly start integrating thermal cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems. Developers can use Prism AI as the primary perception software or as reference while taking advantage of camera calibration tools, along with visible-and-thermal fusion and advanced image processing capabilities that offer superior perception capability, especially for pedestrian and animal detection.

Compatible with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal cameras including Boson®, Tau® 2, and the FLIR ADK, Prism AI features camera-to-ECU authentication, a key requirement for automotive production deployment. Prism AI tools provide simplified data integration with Teledyne FLIR Conservator™ dataset development software as well as the industry’s largest thermal-and-visible training dataset. The combination of validated models with successful performance in NCAP-based automatic emergency braking (AEB) tests, AI tools, ONNX model plugins, and annotation services decreases development cost and shortens time to market for a thermal-enabled ADAS or AV systems.