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FLIR CITY Solutions

The FLIR CITY is an eco-system of Smart City solutions. Consolidating products and innovations from across all FLIR technology lines, it’s focused on situational awareness and data-driven operations in the public safety space. Our Smart City solutions include fixed, mobile, and portable sensing devices, which allow communities to rapidly shape and customize user-specific applications with a central cloud as the core management platform.

From roadways, streets, and intersections to buildings, critical infrastructure, and public spaces, FLIR smart sensing solutions are essential technology in the world of Smart City public safety operations.

FLIR CITY Connectivity

Through sensor connectivity, city agency operators and first responders can now share data and detect incidents as they occur, access the bigger picture, and interact more collaboratively and efficiently.

Thanks to the dynamics and scalability of the FLIR Cloud, FLIR CITY solutions can be tailored to address specific needs and operate seamlessly within any city-level operation, management platform, and associated interfaces.

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Nothing Goes Unseen

When it comes to Security and Perimeter Protection, no other company in the world compares to FLIR. Thermal cameras track heat movement across your property, seamlessly integrated with combined United VMS and our Cameleon Physical Security Information Management (PISM) software, allowing you to control radars, drones, VMS, monitors, switchers, DVRs, and much more. FLIR’s 360° of comprehensive coverage is second to none.

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Only Accurate Head Counts

Whether you’re tracking the shipping habits of your business or monitoring a large public gathering, FLIR people tracking technology is robust and intelligent. With the knowledge that our technology provides, you can use head counting to better design your store layout and to zone in on potential shoplifters. Easily concealed information tags keep layouts simple and easy to read, and allow you to not track your own employees.

Brickstream 3D Gen 2

People Counting for Retail, Transportation Hubs, Smart Buildings

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See the Unseen with Thermal

Through smoke, fog, sun glare, and the dark of night, thermal cameras are an extremely valuable addition to driver-assisted and autonomous vehicle systems. With their ability to detect heat, they can see up to 4x farther than headlights – seeing people, animals, and other vehicles better than other ADAS and AV sensor technologies.


Thermal Vision for ADAS and AV Developers

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Free the Gridlock

Acyclica is the cloud layer for infrastructure, providing high resolution, real-time information about the way people move. Integration at the intersection level and sub-second latency enable vehicle to intersection (v2i) communication. Relevant analytics offer the information necessary to optimize infrastructure performance, making roads safer.

Acyclica by FLIR

FLIR’s Smart City Platform

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See and Sense Danger

Whether handheld or drone mounted, FLIR has a fleet of sensors specifically designed to safeguard people and property from harmful CBRNE substances. Rugged and extremely versatile, our sensors detect chemical, biological, explosive, and radiation hazards quickly and safely.

MUVE™ C360

Integrated Multi-Gas Detector for Unmanned Aerial System

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Real-time and Proactive

On streets, in tunnels, and along highways, FLIR intelligent transportation systems keep cities running efficiently. With radars, thermal cameras, and learning software, your city can adjust to congestion, accidents, and more. From day to night, and through any visual conditions, you’ll be able to optimize traffic flow in real time and with safety your number one priority.

ITS-Series Dual AID

Dual-vision camera for Automatic Incident Detection

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Watch Security Take Flight

Take your monitoring to the air with drone imaging and sensing. FLIR offers a wide-ranging fleet of industry-leading, remote controlled and unmanned sensors and detectors. Every drone is equipped with flight stability, gimbal technology, mobile app integration, and image transmission for real time, crystal clear information.

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Click Around Your City

For cyber protection, flexibility, and reliability, FLIR United VMS delivers best-in-class video management that grows with your city’s security needs. Able to manage current technologies and add new, emerging innovations, thousands of worldwide installations have chosen United VMS. With customizable features, a high-definition interface, and intuitive controls, you’ll have the confidence you need to take care of your whole city.

FLIR Latitude 9.2

Network UVMS