Drive Higher Conversion and Better Customer Experience

People Counting

Actionable and Reliable Store Traffic Data

Gain insight on customer experience, sales conversion, marketing campaign performance, and predict store traffic to optimize staffing levels with accurate people counting metrics.

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Count your customers, not your staff

For the most accurate sales conversion metrics, count only your customers. The Teledyne Employee Filtering feature automatically filters out staff wearing easily concealed identification tags.

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Brickstream Employee Filtering License

Count Customers, Not Staff

Improve Store Operations

Drive higher sales conversion and better Customer Experiences

Whether you have a large retail chain or a small one, whether your stores are company-owned or franchised, your store managers need insights on their performance. They need to know improvement areas and which of their changes are making a difference. Using people counting metrics, everyone from your management team to individual sales people can understand how they are performing on:

  • Creating better customer experiences
  • Executing powerful marketing campaigns
  • Maximizing sales conversions
  • Developing effective store layout and display

Count Only Your True Customers

Teledyne combines the accuracy of 3D imaging with advanced features such as Employee Filtering to provide data you and your staff trust. In some cases, a customer is a:

  • family group,
  • children only,
  • adults only or
  • a couple

However you define your customer and whatever the physical environment or volume of customers, Teledyne accuracy is undisputed.

Brickstream Employee Filtering License

Count Customers, Not Staff

Brickstream 3D Gen 2

People Counting for Retail, Transportation Hubs, Smart Buildings

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