Thermal Solutions for Continuous Substation Monitoring


Maintain Uptime, Avoid Downtime

Saving MRO costs while improving asset uptime can be easy. With a Teledyne FLIR continuous thermal monitoring solution you can remotely monitor your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Catch hot spots early and plan repairs before a catastrophic failure occurs. 

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Find The Right Solution For Your Application

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Start with the Essentials
  • Work with a FLIR sales rep to select a FLIR fixed thermal camera*
  • Integrate with your existing video management system (VMS)
  • Use a preferred data lake such as Pi Historian


*FLIR A700f, A500f, A50/70 Smart Sensor, A400/500/700 Smart Sensor

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Build On Your System
  • Work with a FLIR sales rep to select a FLIR fixed thermal camera*
  • Add FLIR Latitude VMS to connect thousands of cameras if needed
  • Add FLIR Bridge or Bridge Pro edge gateway to monitor data in one place from multiple condition monitoring sensors and FLIR smart sensor thermal cameras
  • Use preferred software platforms

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Bring in the Experts
  • Customize a turnkey installation and software package that meets your needs
  • We can connect you with a solution integration partner from our global network
  • Create a complete solution that fits your unique requirements

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