Teledyne FLIR Unveils Continuous Zoom Lenses for Use with Most Any HD Infrared Camera on the Market Today

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, today introduced six commercially available continuous zoom (CZ) lenses for use with MWIR and LWIR sensors. These optics maximize the performance of the infrared camera by optimizing the optical prescription to today’s small pixel focal plane arrays.  All lens options are customizable for the specific camera and application for which the system will be used. These CZ lenses are suitable for a wide range of defense, security, and commercial applications.

The CZ control electronics provide much more than just simple focus and zoom. With the Object Range Compensation feature, these optics will not lose focus through zoom, not only when viewing objects at long distance, but also when viewing an object at close range. The lens assemblies include algorithms for temperature compensation based on several embedded temperature sensors; one sensor cannot provide the needed performance.  Many other available features allow for ease of use, built-in-test (BIT), and high-speed data transfer.

A History of Top-Quality Continuous Zoom Lenses

FLIR System’s acquisition of New England Optical Systems (NEOS) was made in large part due to their reputation as the industry leader in high quality infrared optical systems.  Now with the full support and resources of Teledyne FLIR, the quality leadership is complemented with expanded capacity and capability.  This was evident in early 2021 when they moved into a new, state-of-the-art Teledyne FLIR facility in Billerica, MA. 

As CZ lenses are often a specialized product for a wide range of applications, typically involving defense and security, buying something “off the shelf” is not without risks.  The Teledyne FLIR technical team has the experience necessary and is prepared to work with integrators to tailor any continuous zoom lens to a specific camera and application and ensure that mission is a success.

To learn more about the full range of commercially available and custom MWIR and LWIR CZ lens assemblies, please visit:

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