FLIR Ranger R20SS Recognized in Engineers Canada 2017 Awards

Last week a group of FLIR engineers from Quebec were awarded the National Award for an Engineering Project in the 2017 Engineers Canada AwardsEngineers Canada, a national organization of the provincial and territorial associations that regulate and license the country’s 290,000 professional engineers, awarded eight engineers across the country with top honors for their engineering contributions, and FLIR is honored to have been recognized among them for the FLIR Ranger R20SS.

The National Engineering Project Award recognizes outstanding engineering assignments that have a significant positive impact on society and industry, and recognizes engineering achievements involving Canadian engineers annually. The FLIR engineering team oversaw the development of the new FLIR Ranger R20SS, a radar system used for automatic surveillance applications. The Ranger R20SS makes it possible to monitor much wider areas than with cameras, regardless of weather and light conditions, detecting a person crawling at less than 10 centimeter per second at a range of three kilometers and measuring differences in speed of less than 0.1 millisecond.

In addition to military applications, the technology is expected to be used for surveillance of vulnerable locations and infrastructures vital to public security, including air and sea ports, roads and power plants, communications and data centers, government and correctional institutions and border security.

To learn more about the FLIR Ranger R20SS, click here. 

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